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Click on the links below to listen to some sermons from our church.

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadAustralia and New Zealand Conf 2013, Mai Makot
Mai Makoti

53.7 MB46:56 min
downloadBeing Child-like
Mr Zimbudzi

42.5 MB37:07 min
downloadCHOICE 17.8.14
Mr Zimbudzi

8.5 MB21:20 min
downloadChurch yaMwari inokunda
Mr Mpakame

29 MB25:23 min
downloadMr Mpakame Preaching on dangerous combination

18 MB15:44 min
downloadFace the fire
E Mavodza

19.4 MB16:59 min
downloadGo back to your old paths
E Mavodza

5.3 MB13:17 min
downloadGod revealed himself to Moses
E Mavodza

9.4 MB23:22 min
downloadHandei Kumba, Rev Muzondiwa, Brisbane
Rev Muzondiwa

76.3 MB66:43 min
downloadHurukuro, 7/04/13
Mr. I Mpakame

16.6 MB14:32 min
My Recording

1.6 MB1:09 min
downloadIts how the bread was broken
Mr Mpakame

10.3 MB8:58 min
downloadIts not how you start, but how you finish
Mr Zimbudzi

23.3 MB20:23 min
downloadJesu unodaidza vadzidzi vake 02.02.14
Mr Mpakame

34.3 MB29:56 min
My Recording

3.4 MB2:26 min
downloadKuzarurwa kwedenga 22.2.15
Mr Mpakame

34.6 MB30:14 min
downloadLet go and let GOD
Mr Mpakame

35.4 MB30:58 min
downloadMhepo panguva yekuyambuka
Mr Mpakame

29 MB25:20 min
downloadMoving to a higher dimension
Mr Mpakame

28.1 MB24:32 min
downloadMwari vanounza shanduko muupenyu hwedu
Mr. I Mpakame

35.3 MB30:48 min
My Recording

3.6 MB2:36 min
downloadOn the Journey
Mr Mpakame

35 MB30:37 min
downloadPalm Sunday-what does it mean to me
My Recording/Mr Zimbudzi

37.6 MB32:51 min
downloadPeace be with you 27.4.14
Mr Mpakame

26.1 MB22:47 min
downloadPraise God for His Glory and Power
E Mavodza

20.2 MB17:41 min
downloadPreserving your christian identity in the diaspora. 03/03/13
Mr. Zimbudzi

25.2 MB22:00 min
downloadReroute 03-11-2013
Mr. Zimbudzi

20.4 MB17:49 min
downloadRev Dr Gondongwe in Melbourne
Rev Dr Gondongwe

59.9 MB52:19 min
Mr Mpakame

42.1 MB36:48 min
downloadSeeking Jesus
Mr. I Mpakame

27.7 MB24:11 min
downloadSimba rekurapa 9.02.14
Mr Mpakame

28.7 MB25:03 min
downloadSpiritual Blindness
Mr Zimbudzi

26.5 MB23:11 min
downloadSpiritual check up 26.01.14
Mr Zimbudzi

25.2 MB22:01 min
downloadThe Lord will provide
Mr Mpakame

11.8 MB29:27 min
downloadThe power of togetherness 16.03.14
Mr Zimbudzi

28.2 MB24:39 min
downloadThe race of Faith
Mr Mpakame

36.4 MB31:47 min
downloadTime to Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth 3/02/13
Mr. Mudziviri

37.4 MB32:42 min
downloadTogether we stand, divided we fall 02/06/13
Mr. I Mpakame

27.9 MB24:25 min
downloadUnombova ivhu rakaita seiko
Mr Mpakame

19 MB16:38 min
downloadUsati watanga kuvaka
Mr Zimbudzi

32.2 MB28:11 min